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Hi, I'm Matt Slick, the author of the calvinistcorner.com site. I started this site in order to answer questions about Reformed Theology. I graduated from Westminster Seminary, San Diego, in 1991 with a Masters of Divinity.  I also started the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (carm.org) in 1995 in order to answer general apologetics questions. But it is here, on the Calvinist Corner, that I promote and defend my reformed theology. I try and keep CARM neutral.

I attended Calvary Chapel for many years, even as a Calvinist. I consider fellowship in the body of Christ with my brothers and sisters who do not agree with me on Calvinism to be more important than the promotion of the five points, also known as Tulip. Though I am a firm believer in those five points, I do not push them on others.

Nevertheless, the Calvinist corner is not meant to be an exhaustive representation of reformed thinking. I do not represent any Calvinist except myself, nor do I speak as though I properly understand all of Calvinism.

I hope you enjoy these articles.


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