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  • I have been so fascinated by these articles in Calvinist Corner. I was raised as an agnostic Jew and was saved at the age of 19; I am now 57. I have always been puzzled by the apparent truth in the scriptures of predestination, yet had never heard any teachings on such things. Imagine my joy, relief, and delight in reading these articles!
    I, for a fact, know, I did not choose Him. He pursued, and then cornered me into begging to know Him. Thank God! Just thought I would let you  know how much I am learning and enjoying this great site,  Rachel
  • Matt ...You're defense of predestination is absolutely wonderful. As any true student of the Bible would do, you use Scripture to reinforce the truth instead of allowing a flawed view of fairness or emotions dictate what many want the Bible to say. I spent the first 13 years of my Christian life believing in the Arminian view of salvation. It was the teaching of John MacArthur (and certainly the persuasion of the Holy Spirit) that made me see the truth of predestination. Believing predestination has allowed me to love, praise, and worship God at an entirely new level. Thanks again for the wonderful defense and explanation of this Biblical truth. Keep up the great work! ... Mike (one of God's elect)
  • Dear Sir, I found your site while researching George Wishart and was intrigued. It is pretty rare to find a reformed non-cessationist. Feel free to post my name and location of Springfield, Missouri. For His glory,
  • Hello Matt, I have thoroughly enjoyed your site, and it has been a TREMENDOUS blessing for sources of information on the occult and issues that come up here and there. Darrell






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